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Pulp Mill Consultants and Contract Engineer - Jaakko Pöyry is a global market leader in its sector providing engineering and project implementation services for pulp and paper industry projects worldwide, maintenance engineering and other local services to the mills, consulting on forest industry strategies and operations and investment banking - Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. is one of the world's largest and most diverse providers of professional technical services in pulp and paper. We plan to continue implementing technology to maximize productivity and reduce costs in an extremely competitive industry - Nationwide specialization in management recruiting for the Pulp, Paper, Printing, Packaging and Converting Industries - BE&K embodies the technical knowledge and capabilities gained from more than 30 years as a leader in North America's pulp and paper engineering and construction business - Engineering consulting services for various industries such as pulp and paper; primary metals; oil, gas and chemical; mineral processing, and microelectronics - HurterConsult was established in 1978 to provide services internationally for the design and implementation of all types of pulp and paper mills and fiberboard mills based on wood, wastepaper and nonwood plant fiber raw materials from annual and perennial plants, agricultural residues and fibre crops such as cereal straws, sugarcane bagasse, corn stalks, reeds and grasses, flax, hemp, kenaf, jute and sisal