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Pulp Mill Chemical Supplier - Dow Corning manufactures innovative, high-quality products for Pulp and Paper Manufacturing, such as its most extensive range of silicone antifoams for use in sulfite and Kraft pulping during brown stock washing - BASF is uniquely positioned as the only supplier with products and expertise that range across the entire papermaking and finishing process - Welcome to Eka Chemicals, the leading supplier of chemicals to the Pulp & Paper Industry. By launching a new, region-based organization we move our business closer to our customers - Protex-International provides pulp producers with: Antifoam, defoamer, antiscaling, scale inhibitor, deinking agent, dispersing agent, sequestering agent, stabilizer hydrosulfite, peroxide inhibitor, bleaching agent - ERCO Worldwide is a division of Superior Plus, Inc. ERCO Worldwide is in the "chlorine dioxide business"